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Sheepdogs, Leadership & Authenticity 

Even elite performers, need coaches.
Watch my Ted Talk about how I was taught that lesson by my friends in special forces.

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Dynamic speaker with an excellent talk.

Great useful take home points


Improve your team performance with these keynote topics

The Executive Athlete

Use the secrets of sport to optimize your physical & mental wellbeing

Leading Through Chaos

Leadership skills and mindset for the uncertainty of business 

Communication & Expression

Understanding and connecting with a purpose.  

Elite Teams & Culture

Building a unified team that support and dominate, together. 


Storytelling & Problem Solving


Give your team the gift of real world experience, inspirational storytelling and actionable takeaways they can use today.

Having coached and spoken in front of every conceivable high performing team worldwide I know the value of the instant connection with the audience and combining impactful story telling and practical take-away strategies into the perfect the perfect keynote and workshop combination.

Nailed it!

I absolutely loved the practical application of this presentation



Improve your team performance with workshops based on applied examples from the real world.

Authenticity & Vulnerability


Navigate the professional pragmatic and personal with your colleagues & team

Sustaining Success & Balance


What got you here won't get you there - learn how to continue growing with a holistic balance  

Leading Elite Performers 


As you are promoted your leadership approach has to develop - Understand how to adjust to 'lead elite' 

The Mind Game Model


Learn how your ability to express, communicate and gain insight is critical to sustained success.

Communication and team cohesion as a performance TEAM is NECESSARY for any changes to take route! 


Let's DO it!

Performance is not a spectator sport. 

Only working together can we practice and perfect the skills needed to win as a team! 

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Bill Sweetenham - Olympic Hall of Fame Swim Coach