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Who do you turn to for guidance? 

To challenge and support you?

To help you reach your real potential?

Reflection & Benchmarking

Fergus is exceptional at providing clarity through the use of frameworks and mental models, that help me bring out the best in people.




Chief People Officer



Beside every great performer


Whether it's in a boardroom, in a stadium in front of  thousands or millions on TV ... every great performer has help.

And this is never more important than when you are successful - because, as all greats know, we're only as good as our last game! 


Working with Fergus has been nothing short of transformative for me as a leader and manager. His capacity to unlock your strengths and make them stronger, while holding up a mirror to areas where you can improve has been so needed.

I feel more secure in my personal capabilities, and see Fergus as a strategic partner helping me navigate a variety of nuance situations.


My team members who work with Fergus also have gotten so much from their time with him, and I believe that's a testament to his holistic approach to strengthening and empowering people to unlock their power and potential and bring that into any environment they choose.




Senior Tech Leader

Optimize Your Holistic Performance

Apply the same performance methods and health and wellness habits of the worlds elite athletes to ensure optimal health & wellness.

Break Through Success Plateaus 

Learn what the 'Amplifier' skillsets are AND how these six traits are developed and applied by elite teams to go from good to great.

Leading High Performance Teams

High performers require a high performance leadership. Learn how to build, develop and facilitate elite teams of highly trained and specialized professionals.

 Having a coach with Fergus' experience and expertise on call, gives my team and I so much greater clarity, confidence.




CEO, The Wall Group 



If you want to be coached to your best ...


Consequences - 2nd and 3rd Order Thinking

Sep 30, 2022

The word discipline is overused and misused

Sep 20, 2022

The Importance of Charisma

Sep 17, 2022

The best performers have the best coaches

A good coach will help you interpret, understand, express and exchange information and ideas to gain insight and influence others by relating to, and collaborating with others in an effective and efficient manner towards a shared goal.

They will help you design and implement original ideas and methods to address established issues and prepare for future difficulties as well as develop and implement solutions to recognized complex challenges through objective analysis and evaluation.

A good coach helps you to recognize your beliefs, principles as well as the standards of behavior that drive and direct willingness, behaviors and actions in others.

Through all of this they empower you to change, develop and evolve ideas and behaviors to recover and overcome personal and professional challenges and setbacks. 

There was no bulls**t with him and with a lot of these guys there can be. And in my position, that is important because it's a decision-making position.




Head Coach La Rochelle Rugby Club  




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