What Gingers Rogers & Fred Astaire Can Teach You About Game Analysis

Nov 04, 2022

Gingers Rogers & Fred Astaire

... and Analysis 


During the golden age of entertainment it was often observed Ginger Rogers was by far the best dancer alive.

Because she had to do everything Fred Astaire did.
But backward and in heels.

Consider this when you analyze game data.

Every action generally demands a reciprocal response.

If one team has 90% possession - it shouldn't be an achievement if the other have 90% of tackles made

It also means you have to be very careful comparing data from game to game.

Team sports are in some way similar to two partners dancing together.
Just as one partner leads and the other follows on the dance floor, so it goes in the sporting arena.

Too often look at cumulative metrics like distance covered to make blanket statements about an athlete’s effort and even their character.

How many times have you heard someone say that a certain player is “lazy” because they don’t run a lot of yards or seem to be exerting that much effort?

Remember Fred and Ginger.

A game is a performance based on a relationship






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