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Team Sport Course - THE MASTERCLASS

Learn the latest Coaching and Team Sport training methods from the most elite teams in the world! 

Examples from the NFL, Premier League, NBA, MLB, NHL, Gaelic Football EVERY sport covered!

What you'll Learn:

  • Real world examples - THIS IS what WORKS in the real world!
  • Examples and templates that you can use IMMEDIATELY
  • Downloads, resources, reading and links to ensure you stay top of your league!
  • NO where else will you find all these resources in ONE program!!!   

Get started NOW - learn the best prepare, plan and organize their training!  

This is a 12 MONTH Course

But do it AT your own pace - as long or short as it takes!  Refer back, bounce around ... USE it!

  • Each of the 12 month/sections is carefully chosen based on years of APPLICATION at the cutting edge of team sport.
  • Each dissects and explains in detail WHAT you need to understand, WHY it matters and HOW you can apply to your team.
  • We walk you through each section step-by-step, with downloads, reading guidelines, Q&A and interviews with the best in the business.    

What People Are Saying:

"This is a awesome companion to Game Changer. Game Changer literally changed how I did everything - this explains WHY now for me and helped me really understand how you think. Thank you again Fergus"

GH - NBA S&C and Rehab Coach

"This is an incredible resource. So many things are SO much clearer now!"

Ivi Cassagrande - Soccer Coach

"This is the best value course I've ever done Fergus. So much detail and information all in one single place"

Phil G - HS Football Coach - Ohio