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Lessons From Elite Sport


Success in any sport and business has common themes.

Each month get simple lessons from the world of sport to guide your path to success.

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Being your best takes time, but you’re not in this alone.

I want to share with everyone what I've learned from the worlds best.

Each week I share:

  • Examples of sporting principles applied to business leaders
  • Thought-provoking questions and ideas 
  • Examples you can use yourself and your team right away!
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You’ll also get access to past episodes such as:

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What to look for on Hard Knocks, All or Nothing & Behind-The-Scenes Sports series  

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Tapering & Peaking - One BIG advantage business should learn from Elite Sport!

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Managing Load, Managing Minutes, Managing Time ... What does it all mean for me?
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Hi There ... I'm Fergus

Fergus Connolly PhD


I want to share with you some of the lessons I've learned over 20 years working with the worlds elite teams, athletes and coaches - and show you how you can use them today!.

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Working with Fergus has been nothing short of transformative for me as a leader and manager.

Annie Jean-Baptiste

Senior Tech Leader 


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Any team leader must surround themselves with knowledge, experience and the best experts they can trust like Fergus.

Matt Rhule

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